Ping G400 vs G410 Irons: Which is Better?

No matter how experienced you are at golfing, it is still crucial that you choose the right golf club. Aside from their basic use, golf clubs contribute to the performance of a golfer.

There are many golf club brands that are all unique in their own ways. Ping is a popular golf club brand in the world of golfing.

Some of their most popular golf club products are the G400 and the G410.

Although both products seem alike, they are all unique in their own way. To get a better understanding of these products, it is best to see them compared as it is done below.

Ping G400 vs G410 Irons: Overview of the Models

Ping G400 vs G410 Irons

First and foremost is the G400 golf club. This wonderful piece of equipment is made from high-grade stainless steel.

This makes it very durable, yet still thin and light. Of course, this makes the club perfect for high ball speeds and also for large distances.

What makes this club amazing is its ability to lift the ball very high. Many beginners do not usually have a lot of trouble when making use of this club.

Next is the G410 golf club. This club has a much smaller blade length than its G400 counterpart. However, it has a great deal of accuracy and is forgiving.

It has much more balance than the G400. Thus, it is better for those tricky shots. However, you need to practice for some time to get the hang of it.


Overall, both the Ping G400 and G410 are excellent golf clubs that can help golfers of all skill levels shoot lower scores.

The G400 is a good option for golfers who are looking for maximum distance and forgiveness, while the G410 is better suited for players who want a bit more control and precision.


Ping G400 or G410

In terms of performance, both the G400 and G410 are designed to provide a high level of distance and accuracy.

The G410 is known for its strong, penetrating ball flight and low spin, which makes it a good choice for golfers who want to maximize their distance off the tee.

The G400, on the other hand, has a slightly higher launch angle and more spin, which can help golfers achieve a more controlled, workable ball flight.


One of the main differences between the Ping G400 and the G410 is their design. The G400 has a traditional, pear-shaped head that is slightly larger than the G400, which has a more compact, blade-like head.

The G400 has a very simple yet amazing design. Its main function is higher performance. Due to this, no extra finishing touches were added, so as not to compromise efficiency.

However, its stainless steel frame is enough as it is.

When it comes to the design of the G410, the G400 is put to shame. The G410 is made with a sleek and futuristic design.

Fortunately, its designs do not affect its performance in any way. Therefore, the G410 is flashier but still efficient.

However, the G400 also has a slightly higher moment of inertia (MOI), which helps to stabilize the club head and improve forgiveness on off-center hits.


Another difference between the two clubs is the material used in their construction. The G410 is made with a maraging steel face that is designed to generate faster ball speeds and longer distances.

The G400, on the other hand, has a thinner, more flexible face made of C300 maraging steel, which is designed to provide a softer feel and more control around the green.


Both of these clubs are made with high-grade steel into a solid frame. Although both of these clubs are quite durable, the G400 is the best in the long run.

The G410 might be better looking, but you won’t be able to use it for long like the G400.

Main Features

Ping G400 vs G410 Irons

There are many features that make both of these clubs the top in their field. Some of the main features of the G400 club are:

  • Good stock shaft choices
  • Hydropearl finish
  • Great for long distances
  • Co-molded
  • Perfect for ball launch
  • 3-piece cavity badge

Some of the main features of the G410 club are:

  • Looks great
  • Fewer vibrations
  • More forgiving
  • Great for tricky shots
  • Very flexible

You now know the features which make golfers to prefer these two golf club products over others.

Ping G400 vs G410 Irons: Which is Perfect for You?

Truth be told, most people actually prefer the G400 to its G410 counterpart. However, this is mainly because the G400 works great for beginners with less skill.

However, the G410 is perfect for golfers who are fairly skilled. Now that you know all there is about these two magnificent clubs, it will be easier to make your choice.

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