Ping i210 vs Taylormade P790: Which is Better?

Having the right set of irons can make you a better golfer. Not only will it help your performance, but it can also improve your confidence.

When it comes to manufacturing the best golf clubs, only a few brands really possess this knowledge.

Some of the best golf club manufacturers are Ping and Taylormade.

Many people have wondered which of these manufacturers is truly the best of the best. Discussed in this article is the comparison between the i210 and the P790.

Ping i210 vs Taylormade P790: Which is Better?

Ping i210 vs Taylormade P790

If you want a set of irons that aims at improving your game, then the i210 is just for you.

This sleek and classy club has all the features you need for long distance shots and also for a higher flight.

Asides from this, the i210 has a soft feel, which contradicts its great performance. It is high speed and spin are what make this club a favorite among many golfers.

The Taylormade P790, on the other hand, is a club that is known for its incredible forgiveness and its excellent performance.

Besides, this club also offers a remarkable launch.

Features of Each

Ping i210:

Ping i210 vs Taylormade P790

  • Cavity-back design for improved control and feel
  • Soft, responsive feel at impact
  • Clean, classic look

TaylorMade P790:

Ping i210 or Taylormade P790

  • Hollow body construction with a thin face for more distance
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Forgiving and easy to hit


The i210 is a club that can be described perfectly with just one word: clean.

This club is known for its classy yet functional glossy look. Its stainless steel frame goes great with its black elastomer finish.

A few changes have been made to its original designs over the years, but despite that, it is still as functional as ever.

However, the p790 club is the definition of fancy.

With its thin wall construction and lightweight speed foam insulation, this golf club is truly a masterpiece. Therefore, this club is perfect for golfers who want to show off.


The i210 golf club is perfect for mid-range shots with high speeds and also high spin golfers.

This club helps to reduce the spin, yet, does not affect its control and distance at all. So this club is best for amateur golfers.

However, the p790 is a club that helps with high-speed, long-range shots. Still, this is done with a higher ball flight and also with less spin.

If you need a club with more speed and launch without a reduction in power, then this is right for you.


Ping i210 is a club that has moderate forgiveness.

Although it has a softer feel, it is still less forgiving than the p790. The p790 is a club that is very forgiving, due to its speed foam insulation.

Pros and Cons

Ping i210 or Taylormade P790

Ping i210: Some of the pros and cons of the i210 club are


  • Improved performance
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent accuracy and shot-shaping
  • Good feel and feedback


  • Less forgiving
  • Not designed for maximum distance

TaylorMade P790: Some of the pros and cons of the p790 irons are:


  • Forgiving
  • High ball flight
  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for a wide range of players


  • Less control and shot-shaping than some other irons
  • Mildly expensive
  • May feel less responsive

Final Words: Ping i210 or Taylormade P790?

Both the Ping i210 and the TaylorMade P790 are excellent golf clubs, but they have some differences that may make one better for you than the other.

The Ping i210 is a cavity-back iron that offers an excellent feel and control.

It’s designed for players who prioritize accuracy and shot-shaping over distance. The i210 has a clean, classic look and a soft, responsive feel at impact.

The TaylorMade P790 is a players-distance iron that offers more forgiveness and distance than the i210.

It has a hollow body construction with a thin face, which allows for more ball speed and distance. The P790 also has a sleek, modern look that many golfers find appealing.

Ultimately, the choice between these two clubs will depend on your personal preferences and playing style.

If you prioritize accuracy and shot-shaping, the Ping i210 may be the better choice.

If you’re looking for more distance and forgiveness, the TaylorMade P790 may be a better fit. It’s always a good idea to try both clubs out and see which one feels better to you.

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