Kirkland Wedges vs. Vokey: What’s The Difference?

We can’t emphasize the importance of the wedge in a golf game enough.

The right wedge will make every shot count and significantly impact your game. However, choosing the correct one becomes challenging with so many golf wedges in the market.

If you need help streamlining your options, the several debates between the leading brands are some pits you’ll get trapped.

Kirkland wedges and Vokey wedges are some options that often get compared.

What are their differences, and which is better?

In this article, we’ll demystify both options to establish their similarities and differences and ultimately decide the best between them.

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Kirkland Wedges vs. Vokey

Kirkland wedges are some of the best options available in the market and are the go-to options for most golfers because they offer high quality and are reasonably priced.

They are a fairly-priced option designed by Costco under their in-house Kirkland brand.

These wedges are designed with cast stainless steel construction.

They are available in multiple grinds and lofts, giving golfers enough options to select the suitable option for each shot.

The wedges are carefully designed to offer golfers incredible performance and value. They provide a great feel and creativity.

However, while the performances are decent, they may be below standard and not comparable to higher-end wedges in terms of spin, consistency, and feel.

Conversely, Vokey wedges are designed by Titleist, a reputable and respected golf club manufacturer.

These wedges are great options used by numerous professional golf players.

They are crafted through forged construction and offer a series of customization options.

They are known for their incredible feel, control, and skills and are suitable for golfers of different skill levels.

Generally, Vokey wedges are ideal for all types of shots.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Kirkland Wedges

  • Reasonable prices
  • Excellent control and feel
  • Varieties of grinds and feels
  • Excellent performance and value


  • Limited availability
  • The small range of finishes

Pros of Vokey Wedges

  • Reputable brands
  • Great combination of spin, accuracy, and feel
  • Great quality and value
  • Widely available
  • Weathering process limit glare and hooks in the grass less


  • Pricier

Kirkland Wedges vs. Vokey: Differences

Kirkland Wedges vs. Vokey

While Kirland and Vokey wedges are popular options among players, each features distinct properties that differentiate them.

Understanding their key differences will help narrow the options and make an informed decision.

The most significant differences between the Vokey and Kirkland wedges are the loft and lie angle, but many others exist.

What follows is the comparison between the wedges using some factors to establish their differences.

Material and Construction

The Kirkland and Vokey wedges differ in terms of the materials used.

In contrast, the Vokey wedges are made from forged carbon steel, and cast stainless steel is used to make the Kirkland wedges.

Vokey wedges are built with 8620 carbon steel, a material famous for its soft feel and strength. The head of the Vokey wedges is nickel-chrome plated.

In the case of Kirkland wedges, they are built with heat-treated carbon steel to increase durability and strength.

Generally, there are a few differences between the materials used in terms of quality, as both are made from steel.


Design-wise, the Kirkland wedges spot a more traditional shape with a semi-blacked head design, clean lines, and high toes.

On the other hand, the Vokey wedges feature a modern look with softer head shapes, exclusive, refined techniques, and optimized profile lines to help players achieve optimum spin and control.


Kirkland wedges have a basic grind that is suitable for a variety of shots and turf conditions.

Unlike Vokey wedges, the wedge sets don’t provide unique grind options.

Vokey wedges have various grind options that enable players with multiple attack angles to obtain improved spin and control of the ball.

The grind options include low bounce, mid bounce, high bounce, and specialty grinds designed for specific shots or conditions.

Vokey offers more customizable options.


The bounce option is another area where Vokey wins, as it has more varieties.

While Kirkland wedges only offer two bounce options, I.e., 8° and 10°, Vokey offers two additional options (12°, 14°) more than Kirkland.

They offer a more comprehensive range of customization options, allowing golfers to tailor their wedges to their specific needs and preferences.

Hence, the Vokey wedges will be your best option if you like the higher bounce.


Kirkland wedges are available in several lofts ranging from 52 to 60 degrees. They come in different lofts that cater to different golfers’ shots.

The wedges with higher loft provide a higher ball flight with improved spin.

On the other hand, Vokey wedges are available on a broader range of lofts, from 46 to 64 degrees.

They come in gap and club wedge lofts, making it perfect for players to choose the best for their irons.


Price is another significant factor to consider. When compared, the Vokey wedges are less pricier than the Kirkland wedges.

So if you’re price-conscious, the Vokey wedges might be your best option.

Kirkland Wedges vs. Vokey: Which is Better?

Kirkland Wedges or Vokey

Suppose you want to choose the option between the Kirkland and Vokey wedges.

In that case, personal preference will be the most critical factor. Other deciding factors will be your budget, style, and skillset.

Both wedges are excellent, feature innovative technology, and offer incredible performance.

For simplicity, choose Kirkland wedges if you:

  • Want a traditional style wedge
  • Are a beginner golfer
  • Want good value for money

On the other hand, choose Vokey wedges if you:

  • Have a low budget
  • Want more versatility
  • Prioritize more customizable options
  • Want a more reputable brand
  • Want a modern style

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