PXG GEN2 vs GEN3: What’s Different?

PXG’s club offering continues to grow extensively. Customers now have a wide range of selections to choose from, varying in aesthetics, price, and technology.

The brand presents an impressive collection of top-performing golf irons customized to fit every golfer, irrespective of their swing. From one generation to another, they have different styles and club heads designed to help you improve your games.

However, decisions become challenging because of the wide array of options.

To help you decide, we’ll compare the PXG GEN2 and GEN3, establishing their uniqueness and differences. Ultimately, you’ll be able to make an informed decision during the selection process.


From the first to the third generation, PXG has transformed its golf irons technology so that the core materials are immensely refined to improve feel, forgiveness, accuracy, and performance.

Each generation is designed to upgrade its predecessor and build on its success.

The PXG GEN2 irons were only created with one thing in mind: Better performance. The irons are beautifully crafted to build on the success of the first generation and offer improved performance.

The PXG 0311 GEN2 irons are forged from 8620 soft carbon steel to improve aesthetics and boast durability for a long time. They have the sleek aura of a blade but a buttery-soft feel.

The brand claims to develop this generation through creativity in technology, materials, and customization.

The irons provide better turf interaction, faster ball speeds, greater distance, and improved accuracy as higher launch. They have a little less offset and a thinner top line.

The GEN3 irons are the ultimate game changer, as the brand denoted. This iron generation was released in 2020 to offer an exceptional combination of accuracy, distance, and forgiveness.

The 0311 GEN3 irons are powered by the brand’s Patented Impact Reactor Technology to provide a soft, solid feel.

They are forged five times and then milled to increase their durability. They feature the thinner club face in the world. Compared to GEN2 irons, the GEN3 irons provide improved ball speeds, a lower spin rate, and increased carry distance.

PXG GEN2 vs. GEN3: Differences


Both generations offer great value, and they share specific similarities.

But they exhibit attributes that could be used to differentiate them. Let’s compare the two irons generations using some factors as follows:

Model Lineup

The first noticeable difference between these PXG iron generations is the model lineup. While GEN2 comes in four different models, GEN3 has three models.

GEN2 has the Tour(T), Players(P), Xtra Forgiving(XF), and the Super Game Improvement model. On the other hand, the GEN3 generation features the T, P, and XP irons.

The three head designs are Players, Tour, and Xtreme Performance. Each generation puts personalized performance to the maximum level to enable every type of player to improve their games.


The PXG GEN2 irons feature the COR2 technology, while the GEN3 irons have the Impact Reactor Technology powered by the DualCOR system.

The COR2 technology provides great ball speed, an excellent feel, and more consistent response.

On the other hand, the Impact Reactor Technology supports incredible face deflection during impact to maximize face loading and provide improved energy to the golf ball.


Regarding the feel, the PXG 0322 GEN3 irons are considered perfect. While the GEN1 irons are extremely soft, the GEN2 is firm.

However, the GEN3 irons are “just right” because they fall somewhere in the middle of too soft and firm. The feel is incredibly smooth across the face in all the models.

Material Goal

The PXG Gen2 irons’ goal is to help deliver improved energy into the golf ball at impact for incredible gains in distance and improved dispersion.

On the other hand, the GEN3 materials offer elasticity, thus keeping better energy in the system when the load is removed or applied. It also delivers an incredibly soft feel.

Model Suitability


Each model lineup for both iron generations is designed to cater to different target audiences. So, they possess specific distinctive attributes to match their target audience’s skill set.

What follows what each model offers for their type of golfers:

  • PXG 0311 T GEN2 is best suited for players interested in maximum iron workability combining it with the optics of a smaller head size
  • PXG 0311 P GEN2 is best for players seeking the ideal balance of playability and forgiveness. The head size appeals to a wide range of players.
  • PXG 0311 XF GEN2 offers extreme forgiveness with a superior feel. Best suited for players who desire extreme forgiveness with good workability.
  • PXG 0311 SGI GEN2: The SGI irons don’t offer perfection. They are designed to be mostly miss-proof.
  • PXG GEN3 0311 T: offers maximum workability and distance control, making it ideal for highly experienced golfers.
  • PXG GEN3 0311 P: Appeals to a wide range of players because it provides a great balance of forgiveness and playability.
  • GEN3 0311 XP: The irons are optimized for forgiveness and distance.


Concerning the price, the PXG GEN3 irons are pricier than their predecessors. PXG has steadily increased costs with each new release of irons, so it should be clear that the PXG GEN2 is less expensive than its successors.

The brand claims the price offset is because of improved materials, technology, and performance.

So, if you’re looking to save money, the PXG GEN2 irons are your best bet. Moreover, most golfers claim it’s the best choice since the GEN3 irons offer minimal improvement.

Wrapping Up


PXG GEN2 and GEN3 are great iron generations available on the market. While they have some similarities, their differences are noticeable.

Our review of these irons has made you understand their differences better and choose the best one.

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