Senior Flex vs. Ladies Flex: Which is Better?

One of the best ways to optimize your performance is to select the right golf shaft to help with distance, accuracy, trajectory and shot shaping. When selecting a golf shaft, a significant attribute is its flexibility.

Golf shafts have different flex options, including the Ladies and Senior Flex.

Generally, both are designed for players with slower swing speeds. Understanding their differences will help determine which suits your needs and can maximize your course performance.

Let’s delve into the comprehensive review of these shaft flexes to help you make an informed choice for your game.


Flex is the ability of the golf club to twist and bend during your swing. The flex category ranges from very flexible to extra-stiff. A golf club has a crucial role in determining the accuracy and trajectory of your shot, depending on your choice.

If your shaft has much stiffness, it may lead to lowball flight, meaning you lose some carry distance. On the other hand, if you’re a fast swing player with a too-flexible shaft, it causes balloon shots and a loss of distance.

Senior and Ladies Flex clubs are designed for slower swing players. They bend more than regular flex clubs, resulting in a softer feel and more whip in the shaft.

Generally, the Ladies Shaft is the softest and most flexible. It’s ideal for very slow-swing speed players or female golfers with less strength.

Senior Flex has lesser flexibility than the Ladies Flex, meaning it’s slightly stiffer.

Generally, It’s ideal for players who think the Ladies Flex is too flexible and the Regular Shaft is too stiff. It finds a perfect balance between both flex options.

Senior Flex vs. Ladies Flex: Comparison

Senior Flex vs. Ladies Flex

While the Senior and Ladies Flex share some characteristics and are created for players with slow swings, they have significant differences.

Let’s compare them using different metrics to understand their differences.


From their name and prior explanation, it should be evident by now that the most significant difference between the Senior and Ladies shaft is the flexibility.

Ladies Flex is more flexible than the Senior Flex, providing a greater degree of flex that gives you increased clubhead speed and distance.

On the other hand, the Senior Flex is slightly stiffer than the Ladies Flex, although weaker than the Regular Flex. They offer a moderate flex amount, which provides a decent combination of distance and control.

Swing Speed

The common characteristic of both shaft flexes is that they are designed for slower swingers. However, when compared, the Ladies Flex is perfect for the slowest swing speed players.

The Senior Flex, on the other hand, is designed for faster swing-speed players and is ideal for those that find the Ladies Flex too flexible.

Generally, the Senior Flex shaft is most suitable for an average swing speed between 72-83 mph, while the Ladies Flex is suitable for players (primarily females) with a swing speed of less than 72 mph.

Clubhead Speed

Both flex options deliver clubhead speeds slower than the average.

Ladies Flex clubs are designed to enhance clubhead speed, allowing female golfers with a slower swing to generate more incredible velocity and distance through the added flex in the shaft.

On the other hand, Senior Flex clubs complement a moderate clubhead speed, providing the right amount of flex to generate power and distance for players with a slower swing.


Torque is the degree of twist delivered under pressure. Both have enhanced torque, but the Senior Flex shaft has lower torque.

It produces less twisting and promotes stability and control for you, especially if you have a moderate swing speed. On the other hand, Ladies Flex has slightly higher torque which helps generate power and distance.


Both shafts also differ in weight. Generally, the higher a shaft flex and torque, the less weight it gets. As such, the Ladies Flex is lighter than the Senior Flex, making it easier to swing and producing increased clubhead speed.

Who Should Use Them?

Senior Flex vs. Ladies Flex

Both flex options are suitable for varying types of players. Those with swing speeds between 72-83 mph should use the Senior Flex shaft, as it’s ideal for this range. However, those who want a lower flight can opt for the regular flex.

Conversely, the Ladies Flex is more suitable for players with a swing speed below 72 mph. This range of golfers is female or players who don’t have much strength.

A man can use the Ladies Flex shaft if he finds the Senior Flex inconsistent. The Ladies shaft will help provide optimal spring into impact and boost club head speed.

Similarly, Ladies can use the Senior Flex if the Ladies Flex is too light and flexible. The Senior Flex stiffer design will enhance golf club control.

Senior Flex vs. Ladies Flex: Which Is Better?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the best flex between the Senior and Ladies Flex, as both are ideal for different players.

Their difference is notable when you swing down into the ball. You’ll get higher torque and improved clubface closure with the Ladies Flex.

Before choosing the best one for your game, we recommend you review your game critically, analyzing your swing speed, clubhead speed, and preference.

You can also consult a professional fitter to help analyze your take and select the flex that best suits your game and helps maximize your performance on the golf course.

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