TSi vs TSR: Any Difference?

The world of golfing keeps advancing, and every day we see new releases that promise to be game-changers.

Thanks to technology, players can now enjoy incredible features that improve their games almost effortlessly.

Titleist revolutionized the face technology with the release of the TSI drivers series to replace the TS series, and we all thought it could never get better than that.

However, with the latest TSR line of drivers released, the benchmark keeps increasing.

  • Are there any significant differences between these lines of drivers or the same feature packages with different fascinating names?
  • Is the TSR series better than the older generation TSI?
  • Is it time to upgrade from the TSI series?

Together, let’s demystify the Titleist TSI and TSR line of drivers.

About the TSI Line of Drivers

TSi vs TSR

The TSi line is a Titleist collection of drivers, hybrids, and fairway woods.

The TSI driver series is a range of quality and high-performance drivers designed to offer optimum distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

The collection features innovative technologies and engineering techniques to offer players the best performance.

It features the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face technology, helping to deliver incredible ball speeds and distance.

Furthermore, the driver’s line incorporates a Variable Face Thickness design to increase ball speed and minimize spin for longer and straighter shots.

The TSi series includes four models: TSi1, TSi2, TSi3, and TSi4, each designed to cater to the specific needs of different golfers.

The club heads have the SureFit hosel with 16 individual loft/lie settings and adjustable weights, enabling players to adjust their spin and launch characteristics for improved performance.

About the TSR Line of Drivers

The TSR driver line represents the Titleist Speed Project, which started to provide players with exceptional ball speed and more distance.

The collection is designed to be an upgrade to the older generation, the TSi line.

The R in TSR means “refined,” as the technology and characteristics in the TSi generation weren’t completely overhauled but evolved to produce drivers that are faster, longer, and straighter.

The driver series is similar to the TSi line as it also consists of four club head options: TSR1, TSR2, TSR3, and TSR4 to suit all players.

The TSR drivers can increase carry distance and help gain more ball speed consistency.

They also feature innovative technologies and features such as the aerodynamic titanium design, SureFit Hosel technology, stock grip, and improved aerodynamics.

Now that we’ve established the features of each driver series let’s dive deep into the different models and what makes each unique.

TSi vs TSR: Models Attributes

TSi vs TSR

As discussed above, both driver series contain four different models of drivers, each designed to cater to varying levels of players. Follow along to understand the characteristics of each model.

The TSi Series

TSi1 Driver

The TSi1 driver is a lightweight driver designed for players with moderate swing speeds who want maximum distance and forgiveness.

It can help this type of player hit more significant drivers. Its higher MOI provides increased clubhead speed and forgiveness.

TSi2 Driver

This driver is perfect for players who want an optimum launch, low spin, and forgiveness. It has a larger profile, a deeper center of gravity, and a more forgiving clubhead.

TSi3 Driver

It’s the most adjustable driver in the TSi series with an additional weight track behind.

Specifically, It features a more traditional pear-shaped profile, a flexible CG track, and a faster face for increased ball speed.

It’s ideal for players who want more precise shot-shaping control.

TSi4 Driver

The TSi4 driver has a smaller head/profile, a forward CG, and a unique carbon fiber crown, which saves weight and lowers the CG for increased ball speed and distance.

It’s perfect for golfers who want low spin and maximum workability.

The TSR Series

The TSR series also has a clear division between the four drivers. Below are the attributes of each model:

TSR1 Driver

This driver is the most forgiving model in the collection. It has a lightweight construction and enhanced aerodynamics, which helps obtain more speed.

Generally, it’s ideal for high-handicappers or players with slower swing speeds.

TSR2 Driver

The best driver for everyday players. It’s specifically designed for the average player but will fit the broadest range of players.

It has a high-launch, low spin profile and will be ideal for moderate swing speed players.

TSR3 Driver

The TSR3 driver is the most adjustable in the TSR series. It has performance-turned adjustability in the CG track system. It’s an excellent option for the better players.

TSR4 Driver

The TS4 is a smaller-headed driver that delivers low spin and is best for high ball speed. The smaller head helps reduce spin and enables advanced players to shape shots in either direction.

TSi vs TSR: Which Is Better?

Titleist replaced the older generation TSi with the TSR line as part of the mission to provide better drivers. The TSR line was created to serve as an upgrade to the TSi line.

When you compare their respective models, the TSR drivers are much better than the TSi drivers.

This performance is expected since they feature more advanced technologies and construction techniques. We recommend you try out the different models of the driver series to select the right fit for your playing style.

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