Vokey SM7 vs. SM8: Are There Any Differences?

Selecting the optimal wedge for enhancing game performance is an imperative choice that any avid golf player must make.

Titleist Vokey wedges, known for their outstanding craftsmanship, versatility, and ability to deliver precision in each shot, stand head and shoulders above the competition in the world of golf.

From the distinguished collection, the Vokey SM7 and SM8 are particularly sought-after choices.

They each boast a suite of unique yet similar attributes that spark a common debate amongst enthusiasts: Do they actually harbor any significant differences?

Is there a distinct contrast?

In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of these two renowned models, aiming to discern the nuances and specific characteristics that set them apart, if indeed there are any.

Vokey SM7 vs. SM8: Is There Any Difference?

Yes, the Vokey SM7 and SM8 wedges are different. At first glance, their similarities may be challenging to decipher, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice distinct variations that set them apart.

The SM8 wedge represents a refinement and upgraded version of its predecessor, with better technological features.

The most notable difference between the two wedges is the Center of Gravity (CG) placement, which affects the ball’s spin, trajectory, launch, forgiveness, and club stability.

The SM8 wedge comes with a better forward CG, i.e., the center of gravity is placed forward and in front of the club face, helping to provide 7% more MOI and increased forgiveness.

As such, the SM8 provides more forgiveness on mishits, so players who face challenges with chip directions will find this feature more beneficial.

The increased MOI and forward CG makes the SM8 excellent at squaring up at impact. The club head also features tungsten weight giving both sides of the club increased forgiveness.

While that’s the most significant difference between them, there are some other distinctions to note. Follow along as we establish more differences.

Overview of Both Wedges

Vokey SM7 vs. SM8

Indeed, both the Vokey SM7 and SM8 are elite-level wedges offering unparalleled performance.
They feature meticulously crafted designs tailored to meet different players’ demands. The SM7 is renowned for its classic design and exceptional playability. It provides players with immense features that ensure club scoring with accuracy.

Compared to its predecessors, it has an excellent feel, providing optimum spin control, and the outlook is fascinating.

It features the Parallel Face Texture, which provides better-shot dispersion and maximizes spin. It also comes with different loft types, which determine the center of gravity and gives players decent options.

The SM8 wedge is an upgrade to the SM7, its predecessor. Apart from an improved center of gravity, it comes with more finishes giving players more styling options.

It provides more versatility as it features six grind options, including the new D-grind. This wedge is renowned for the control and stability it provides.

Vokey SM7 vs. SM8: Differences

Vokey SM7 vs. SM8

As discussed earlier, the significant technology difference between SM7 and SM8 is the placement of the Center of gravity (CG). Vokey “reimagined” the SM8 CG using tungsten weight in the toe and adjustable hosel length.

Let’s discuss other significant differences between the two.


A wedge range of finishes may influence the overall touch and outlook. Fortunately, both wedges come in various attractive finishes to suit different preferences. However, there’s a difference here, as the SM8 has a broader range.

While the SM7 is available in two finishes including Brushed Steel and Jet Black, the SM8 comes with four finishes.

The SM8 expanded selection includes Raw finishes, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, and Tour Chrome. The Raw finish in the SM8 is trendy among players who appreciate the natural patina that develops over time.


Forgiveness minimizes mishits or poor shots. If you want an option with the highest forgiveness level, the Vokey SM8 wedge is your ideal choice.

Generally, it’s one of the most forgiving wedges in the Vokey series. While the SM7 is more forgiving than its predecessor, it’s no match for the SM8.

Ball Speed

The Vokey SM7 and SM8 wedges deliver similar ball speeds, ensuring consistent distance control and trajectory on approach shots.

However, depending on the loft you choose, the ball speed might vary. Generally, the SM8 wedge will generate better ball speed than the SM7.


Since the Vokey SM8 is an upgrade to the SM7 and features more innovative technology, it’s not surprising that it is pricier.

While the difference may not be significant, it depends on your budget and chosen wedge type. If you buy a sand, lob, or gap wedge, the price difference will be noticeable.

Vokey SM7 vs. SM8: Which Should You Choose?

Deciding on the appropriate wedge boils down to your individual preferences, playing style, and financial constraints. As a rule of thumb, the Vokey SM7 reigns as a superior wedge.

While it continually holds its place as a dependable and reliable selection, the SM8 signifies an evolution in both the design and technology of golf wedges.

Your choice should be guided by the gameplay you favor. The SM7 offers greater flexibility for customization and presents a more cost-effective option.

On the other hand, the SM8 boasts enhanced performance, Moment of Inertia (MOI), and forgiveness. If budget is not your primary consideration, the SM8 could be the ideal choice for you.

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