Bridgestone Tour B XS vs Pro V1: WHICH is Better?

A lot of things must be taken into consideration when it comes to a sport like golfing.

If little things like wind speed and strength can change everything, think about how the equipment also can.

Due to this, it is best that you choose the best. Of all your golf arsenal, the golf ball is the most important. Choosing the right golf ball can really make all the difference.

Golf balls have really improved from their basic designs into complex and calculated equipment.

Bridgestone and Titleist Pro V1 are two major golf ball brands. Although they both have a similar shape, they are actually as different as they come.

Choosing between these two is not an easy task at all.

To make sure that you are making the best choice, it is best that you see them compared to each other. Therefore, below is the comparison between these two famous golf ball brands.

Bridgestone Tour B XS vs Pro V1: The Review

Bridgestone Tour B XS vs Pro V1

Bridgestone Tour B XS is a really famous brand of golf balls.

This brand is regarded as one of the first to start golf ball production. It is also safe to say that it has been greatly improved since then.

Due to this, people who are sentimental about the good old days usually love to patronize this early brand.

Also, this golf ball brand is known for its increased speed and little wind resistance. This is due to its aerodynamic shape.

On the other hand, Titleist Pro is among the more new but still famous golf brands worldwide.

It has been patronized by most golf legends and is known to have its fair share of ambassadors.

The main feature which makes this golf ball a hit is its softer feel.

This, of course, helps to make golfers feel more comfortable and requires less strength. Also, this feature helps to make it lighter and thus increases its speed.


The Bridgestone Tour B XS has a fairly new type of design.

Gone are the standard old designs and which have now been replaced by more precise and more efficient alternatives.

It is made with an aerodynamic design that helps to aid its speed. A distinctive feature is the popular dual-dimple pattern.

This pattern helps to reduce wind resistance greatly. Therefore, this is certainly a great golf ball brand.

When it comes to the Titleist Pro V1, its design is slightly different.

Its speed is actually due to a dual energy core deism that helps to absorb all the force.

Instead of just letting the force pass through, it helps to direct it toward propelling the ball. Therefore, this golf ball is certainly among the favorites of most golfers.


When it comes to durability, Bridgestone is certainly not among the top. Due to its high speed, it has sacrificed its durability.

Its outer covering is just a light layer of urethane that helps to protect the golf ball. Therefore, it still offers little in terms of durability to golfers.

The outer covering of the Titleist Pro V1 is made with urethane elastomer. This, of course, does not help to make it durable.

It actually helps to give better control of the ball. Therefore, both of these balls do not offer much in terms of durability.


Bridgestone Tour B XS is actually one of the cheapest golf balls that you can find.

Although its golf balls are good, they are also cheap. So, you can purchase these balls at a cheaper rate.

With Titleist Pro V1, the reverse is the case. Although it is not that expensive; it is rather costly. However, it is best to remember that its high price means high quality.

Bridgestone Tour B XS vs Pro V1: Which is Better?

Bridgestone Tour B XS vs Pro V1

This question depends on the type of golfer that you are. If you love to have your golf balls go long distances, then Bridgestone is for you.

However, if you want less speed and more control and ease, then go for the Pro V1. Either way, these golf balls are certainly as good as they come.

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