RocketBallz vs RocketBladez: Are They Different?

RocketBallz and RocketBladez are in the same line of golf clubs from TaylorMade but with different names. They have garnered attention for their innovative technologies and performance benefits.

While both irons offer enhanced playability and distance, there are distinct differences between them that cater to different types of golfers. This article will provide an overview and a breakdown of the main differences between RocketBallz and RocketBladez.

But before that, let’s review each iron in turn:

TaylorMade RocketBallz Review

The TaylorMade RocketBallz line of golf clubs has significantly impacted the golfing world with its promise of explosive distance and forgiveness.

Engineered to deliver exceptional ball speed and help golfers achieve longer shots, the RocketBallz series is aimed at players who prioritize distance gains without sacrificing too much control. 

RocketBallz vs RocketBladez


Explosive Distance: The standout feature of the RocketBallz line is its Speed Pocket technology. This innovative design, featuring a slot on the club’s sole, maximizes the trampoline effect at impact, resulting in increased ball speed. As a result, golfers often experience noticeable distance gains, particularly on shots struck lower on the clubface.

Forgiveness: The Speed Pocket not only enhances distance but also increases forgiveness. Mis-hits and shots struck off-center benefit from the technology, helping to maintain consistent distance and trajectory across a larger portion of the clubface.

Game Improvement: RocketBallz clubs are a boon for mid- to high-handicap golfers looking to enhance their game. The combination of distance and forgiveness assists players in reaching the green better, especially on longer approach shots.

Modern Aesthetics: The RocketBallz clubs often feature larger clubheads with visible technology features. This appeals to players seeking a contemporary look while benefiting from advanced technology.


Feel and Feedback: While the Speed Pocket technology provides added distance and forgiveness, some golfers might find that it comes at the expense of feel and feedback at impact. The sensation of the club striking the ball might differ from traditional irons.

Shot Shaping: Achieving a high level of shot shaping and control can be challenging with RocketBallz clubs. The emphasis on distance and forgiveness means the clubs may not offer the same shot-shaping capability as more player-focused irons like the RocketBladez.

TaylorMade RocketBladez Review

The TaylorMade RocketBladez iron takes a nuanced approach, aiming to provide golfers with a balance between distance, forgiveness, and playability.

While still harnessing the benefits of the Speed Pocket technology, RocketBladez clubs cater to players who seek enhanced ball speed and control. 

RocketBallz vs RocketBladez


Balanced Performance: The RocketBladez iron can create a harmonious blend of distance and playability. The Speed Pocket technology is strategically positioned to optimize launch conditions while preserving shot-shaping and control capabilities.

Improved Feel: RocketBladez clubs are designed to offer a more traditional feel at impact than RocketBallz. This can appeal to golfers who prioritize a responsive sensation and appreciate the feedback from well-struck shots.

Versatility: The balanced design of RocketBladez clubs makes them versatile options suitable for a range of players, from mid-handicappers to better players. They provide both the forgiveness needed for improvement and the control desired by experienced golfers.


Weakness in Distance: While RocketBladez offers a good balance between distance and control, they might not provide the same explosive distance gains as the RocketBallz. Players looking for the maximum possible distance might opt for the RocketBallz line.

Traditional Look: Some players prefer the modern aesthetics of the RocketBallz. The classic appearance of the RocketBladez might not resonate with those seeking a contemporary design.

RocketBallz vs RocketBladez: Are They Different?

Design Philosophy

The RocketBallz iron is designed to supply golfers with increased ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.

These clubs are engineered to offer maximum distance through innovative technology. The Ballz is more of a game improvement iron as against the Bladez, which is a player’s club.

The Ballz are built more like a traditional cavity back iron; you can expect more forgiveness from it. As for workability, the Bladez will be better off, so your final decision depends on where you’re on your golfing journey.

The RocketBallz (RBZ) iron is a 2013 improvement to TaylorMade’s 2012 Ballz. It features the same SPT as the Ballz for improved height on low CG hits. The two irons have ICT, but that of Bladez has been enhanced for improvement with SP.

Face Technology

The RocketBallz line is known for its Speed Pocket technology, a small slot on the club’s sole that enhances the trampoline effect at impact.

This technology promotes higher ball speed and distance, particularly on shots struck low on the clubface.

The RocketBladez line also incorporates the Speed Pocket technology, but it is designed to optimize ball speed and launch conditions across the entire clubface.

This technology helps maintain consistent distance and accuracy even on off-center strikes.


The RocketBallz clubs are designed to offer forgiveness and distance to golfers seeking maximum game improvement.

The Speed Pocket technology helps increase the size of the sweet spot and reduce the impact of mishits, making it easier for players to achieve higher launch angles and carry distances.

From the numerous reviews I’ve gone through, RocketBladez seems to have a better look, better feel, and consistent distance.

However, it’s more expensive since it’s the newest of the two clubs. And from reviews from other golfers, you might be able to squeeze more distance from the Ballz while the Bladez gives you straighter ball flight. So, the ball is in your court.

Appearance and Feel

The RocketBallz clubs often have a larger, more modern clubhead design with visible technology features. The focus is on delivering maximum distance and forgiveness.

The feel at impact may vary among golfers, with some players enjoying the added distance and forgiveness. Others prefer a more traditional feel.

The RocketBladez clubs are designed to provide a more classic iron appearance while incorporating performance-enhancing features.

They offer a blend of distance and control, and the feel at impact is often described as more traditional and responsive.

Finally: RocketBallz or RocketBladez?

The TaylorMade RocketBallz and RocketBladez clubs offer different options based on your priorities and playing style.

The RocketBallz emphasizes maximum distance and forgiveness for game improvement, while the RocketBladez line seeks to combine distance and control for golfers who want more playability and versatility.

If you can’t decide between the two, you can always go for a club fitting.

That’s the best you can do to get the most suitable club for your swing style/level. It can also help with your confidence and boost your performance on the course.

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