Ping G700 vs G410: Are they Different?

There are many popular golf club manufacturers who produce amazing clubs. At times, there are too many golf clubs to choose from, as they all look very similar.

Not only will this lead to confusion, but you’ll also not be able to pick the best golf club for you.

Ping is a popular golf club manufacturing brand that has made lots of amazing products over the years.

The G700 and the G410 are some of these products.

Unfortunately, most people find it very difficult to distinguish between the two. Due to this, many people have wondered if they are actually different at all.

If you also want to know the answer to this burning question, then read this short article.


Ping G700 vs G410

The G700 is known for its completely glossy look. This club was made for long-distance shots in a classy way.

The secret to its long distance is due to its hollow body frame.

Thus, this is a fairly light golf club.

It has an average size club head with a sizable blade length, thus, this club is very forgiving.

All these features are why the G700 is a club that is best for beginner or amateur golfers.

If you want a club that makes you look like a confident golfer, the G700 is the way to go.

On the other side of the table is the G410. This club is known for its short blade length which helps with preserving ball speed.

It is also more flexible than it seems, thus, adding more swinging speed.

However, you need to be fairly accurate in order to make use of this club properly. As a result, this club is mostly used by pros.

Look and Material

The G700 is a club that is known for its good looks.

Although it is made from standard stainless steel, it has a very classy hydropearl finish.

Thus, this club is glossier with a metallic and futuristic look. The G700 is a club that boosts the confidence of beginners by its look alone.

However, the G410 is a club that looks quite fancy. Although it is also made from stainless steel, it has a face of varying thicknesses.

With its flexible hinge, setting up is fairly easy. All these help with consistent shots, thus it was made for pros.


When it comes to performance, both of these clubs are quite the pros.

The G700 is a club that is great for long-distance shots alone, due to its hollow body.

Its steel face also helps with adding more force to your swings. Thus, it is perfect for beginners who often do not give as much force as required.

The G410, however, is great for short and long distances with fast ball speeds. With either of these clubs, you can’t go wrong.

Pros and Cons

Ping G700 vs G410

Some of the pros and cons of the G700 are:


  • Hydropearl finish
  • Powerful swings


  • Less forgiving
  • Not consistent

Some of the pros and cons of the G410 club are:


  • More forgiving
  • Fairly consistent
  • Very flexible


  • Weak swings

Ping G700 vs G410: Are they Different?

Yes, both of these golf clubs are different. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses. So give both of them a try before making a choice.

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