Ping i500 Vs. P790: What Are The Differences?

The Ping i500 iron features a forged club head with incredible forgiveness and distance.

It’s a quality iron that combines a quality amount of distance and forgiveness.

The iron is a recent addition to the Ping collection and spots some similarities with the TaylorMade P790, another high-performing iron.

While the Ping i500 is a new addition to the brand’s collection, the TaylorMade P790 has been around for a while and has undergone multiple upgrades.

If you’re stuck between choosing the better one between the two irons because of their close similarities, this article is for you.

We’ll establish their differences and share information to help make an informed decision.


The Ping i500 irons are one of the longest in the Ping collection.

They are forged sets of irons designed for mid-handicappers.

These irons have excellent looks, featuring a compact head and blade-style design pleasing to a wide range of golfers.

They were designed to offer a great feel and performance, and they fulfill these expectations.

The TaylorMade P790 irons have been around for a while and have been upgraded several times.

The recent models of the irons feature a compact head and a much better performance than the Ping i500.

These are also forged irons that incorporate the latest innovative technology.

The SpeedFoam Technology enables golfers to achieve the distance they desire without sacrificing the feel at impact.

Both irons share substantial similarities.

They are players’ distance irons with forged faces and hollow heads and feature thin forged steel faces welded with hollow steel bodies.

The construction techniques enable the iron faces to flex on impact.

Ping i500 vs P790: Differences

Ping i500 vs P790

Two excellent irons are changing the game for golfers.

But while they exhibit some similarities, these irons still possess some noticeable distinctive features. Let’s demystify how they compare to each other using some criteria below:


The first difference between these two irons is in the Technology department.

Generally, both feature some of the best technology, but proper scrutiny reveals that the TaylorMade P790 has a bit more.

It features some innovative technology absent in its counterpart, making it performs and sounds better.

It incorporates more technology with Variable-Thickness Face and the Expanding Form in the clubheads.

It also features Inverted Cone Technology, which makes a face thinner at the heel, toe, and within the sole.

As such, it enables more flex around the more delicate face, ensuring a little more pop. However, both feature vital technologies, including Tungsten Weighting and HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 Finish.


Ping i500 vs P790

As discussed earlier, both irons offer a great combination and performance and feel at impact.

While the P790 irons may have a better feel than the TaylorMade SIM Max game, they fall short compared to the Ping forged irons.

Generally, Ping irons are known for their excellent feel, and the Ping i500 is no exception.

It has a better feel than the P790 irons, and if you are very big on feel, the i500 iron will be the better choice for you.

Feel is an essential factor when choosing an iron. Still, it’s a subjective term, and you should do your due diligence before making a pick.


Both irons have an excellent forgiveness level and are similar in this aspect.

They are players’ distance irons falling between the game improvement cavity back and blade.

While the forgiveness level might be equivalent, the P790 has a slight edge concerning missed shots.

Besides, it features the Variable Face Thickness technology known for improving forgiveness in a golf club. Notably, it also delivers excellent distance even when you miss the centre.


These irons have a similar loft with 45-degree pitching wedges for both irons.

Ideally, the loft is not for low handicapper’s iron but higher than the loft of game improvement clubs.

Generally, these irons produce similar distance levels, and it might be challenging to determine the difference.

Price and Value for Money

When choosing irons, price is another vital consideration. However, it’s a known fact that forged irons are usually expensive since the process and materials used are premium.

As such, both i500 and P790 irons are costly, and the prices are within the same range.

Concerning value for money, Ping irons are known to hold value better than most irons within their category.

Wrapping Up

Ping i500 vs P790

As the article reveals, these irons are exceptional as they are built well, long, and offer outstanding performance.

They are designed for mid to low-handicappers.

They will appeal to golfers who want forgiveness and distance without sacrificing their feelings. When compared, they offer distinctive features, and the P790 is the better iron overall.

These are great irons, and you’ll need to choose the one that aligns perfectly with your game.

Whichever one you decide between these irons, you can’t go wrong. You may even hit it further than your current iron.

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