Is Golfpass Worth It?

GolfPass is a premium membership subscription service that provides its subscribers with a wide range of golfing content.

This includes tee time discounts, exclusive videos, travel tips, golf instructions, and credits at popular golf resorts.

GolfPass partners with online tee time agencies (OTTAs) like GolfNow, allowing you to book golf sessions on available courses.

GolfPass is mainly used on the app but is also accessible on the website.

Moreover, GolfPass is available at 19,000+ courses across the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and other countries.

There are many weighing reviews on GolfPass, regarding its services and the added value it delivers. Some are positive just as others have a negative tone to them.

GolfPass can be a good investment or a waste of money depending on your location, golfing schedule, and needs.

This article explains why you may want a GolfPass subscription or completely steer off it.

Is Golfpass Worth It?

Is Golfpass Worth It?

Whether Golfpass will be your savior or a rip-off all comes down to certain things.

The includes but is not limited to the availability of affiliated GolfNow courses near you and how frequently you play.

Here are a few things to consider.

Availability of golf courses

This is the first determining factor and the most important when deciding to be a GolfPass member.

Are the available courses nearby affiliated with GolfPass?

Getting a GolfPass subscription when an available course is a state or four-five hour drive away isn’t exactly ideal.

To get the best of the services offered, one has to be within the outskirts of a golf course or comfortably not too far away.

Player profile/Play preference

GolfPass was designed for regular golf players, well at least they were the main target group.

The “Hot Deals” promotion can only be used Monday to Thursday after 12/1; the discount is mostly enjoyed by afternoon golfers.

Paying $200 annually to get booking fees waived isn’t ideal either, unless you play regularly, which may end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Instructional videos and streaming services

Not everyone wants to watch premium instructional videos or shows on an app when they can either get the same value on various Youtube channels or TV subscriptions.

The contents are great, those who consume them testify, but the larger crowd on a GolfPass subscription is there because of the convenience and discounts offered.

In areas where there are other services like, Paradise golf, and JC golf, GolfPass still has the overall advantage when it comes to full service.

However, might become incapacitated when all a person seeks is a particular like tee time booking or waived fees.

With the availability of a GolfNow course being the major stymie to getting a GolfPass subscription for most people, GolfPass offers a no-brainer package when the conditions are right.

This is especially true for regular golfers.

Who Owns GolfPass?


GolfPass was launched in 2019 by NBC Sports, a division of the American broadcast television and radio network owned by Comcast.

Comcast is a global media and technology company. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world (by revenue), and the parent company of NBCUniversal.

In partnership with four-time major champion Rory Mcilroy, the NBC Sports Golf channel debuts GolfPass as a subscription service that provides customers with free monthly golf round, hours of instructional videos, discounts at clubs and resorts, and apparel.

In 2021, Peacock, NBC’s streaming service partnered with GolfPass to provide access to live golf and other exclusive golf shows and channels that were not available prior.

GolfPass Services

With a 7-day free trial, GolfPass offers two subscription packages: GolfPass video and GolfPass plus.

GolfPass services include:

  • Waived convenience fees – GolfPass offers up to 12 waived convenience fees, up to 4 players each, on GolfNow tee time bookings.
  • Tee time protection – You can cancel or modify up to 12 reservations one hour before play without any penalties. Other tee time agencies usually charge a fee for this.
  • Access to expert instructions – 400+ hours of Lesson videos from professional golfers like Rory Mcllroy, Justin Rose, and Chris Como, and coaches such as Pete Cowen and Michael Bannon exclusive to GolfPass members only. Archived tournament rounds are also accessible on the app.
  • A dozen golf balls from TaylorMade for free.
  • Monthly Tee time credits – Up to $140 savings from tee time bookings (Hotdeal offers) which are available from noon, Monday to Thursday.
  • 12 months of Peacock – 12 months of Peacock premium to stream live sports, news, hit movies, and exclusive shows.

Some GolfPass services, exclusive savings, tee time discounts, peacock premium, and waived booking fees, are only available on the annual subscription:

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