Mizuno JPX 921 vs PXG 0311P Irons: Comparison

Purchasing a new iron is simple since you can buy one from well-known brands like Callaway, Srixon, Taylormade, Ping, Mizuno, PXG, etc.

However, purchasing a new iron from competing brands can be a little more challenging, and you may experience some trouble deciding.

You’ll have to consider many factors, including workability, price, forgiveness, consistency, sound, feel, etc.

Keep reading the comparison between Mizuno JPX 921 vs PXG 0311P Irons to understand which of the two best suits your needs.

Mizuno JPX 921 vs PXG 0311P Irons: Comparison

Mizuno JPX 921

Mizuno JPX 921 vs PXG 0311P

Mizuno JPX 921 uses Chromoly (a steel alloy) in a single-piece casting to make the fastest and thinnest face in company history.

This creates an iron that produces ball speed only seen in cup-faced, face-inserts, or sole slot designs.

The iron is 2.2 mm at its center and 1.9mm at the extremes.

The iron creates a sensational impact. It has an undercut cavity and updated ribs that support the frame to create an improved feel and sound.

Most people view the iron as sleeker and more compact.

Mizuno JPX 921 is quite popular and hard to find.

Additionally, they are competitively priced, and some of the best deals you could get are $1000.

However, Mizuno JPX 921 is a good iron. You should try it out if you get the chance.

PXG 0311P

Mizuno JPX 921 or PXG 0311P

PXG isn’t as popular as Srixon, Callaway, or Titleist.

However, their irons are getting more advanced with their recent series.

For instance, the generation 4 series has new and interesting tech designs, separating them from previous generations.

They have a hollowed body and newly developed polymer material that greatly improves their performance.

The designs provide a softer feel and a refined sweet spot that improves the user’s experience.

Additionally, their adjustability is quite good.

And users can custom-fit them by adding a 2-gram increment in the swing weight to make them tightly optimized for individual performance.

This can be a game-changer for professional golfers.

People criticize PXG for pricing their irons highly, and PXG 0311P is no different at $275.

People complained that PXG 0311P was higher than established brands, and PXG solved the issue by releasing the 0211 series for entry-level users.

The 4th generation PXG 0311P is perfect for individuals who prefer premium products and have the cash to spend.

PXG vs Mizuno: What Others Are Saying

From my research into the experience of other golfers, it seems most prefer the Mizuno JPX 921 to the 0311 (and even the previous model 0211).

The argument is that the Mizuno clubs (and JPX 921 in particular) are very forgiving, go further, and are easier to hit.

That means your mishits get straighter and further, which can be a game changer if you’re just starting out.

Another factor that can influence the inclination towards Mizuno is price. Most of Mizuno’s clubs will be cheaper than PXG.

Recall that PXG clubs are somehow always expensive so a lot of people want to avoid them to reduce their costs.

This is especially true for those who intend to get fit, which can take their costs above $1000.

When I checked the official website, the 0311P will set you back $2000+. On the other hand, the JPX 921 is around $1400.

I believe PXG due run discounts sometimes so you may be able to get it for lower than that.

Where the PXG 0311 shines is in feel. According to a few users, they feel really great, are softer, and are easy to handle.

Why they may not feel as great, those who have handled them noted that the look at address is extremely satisfying.

Which is Better: Mizuno JPX 921 or PXG 0311P?

Both irons provide great performance, and you’d get the most out of them.

However, choosing to buy either may depend on your preference and whether you’d like to try out an established or newer brand.

On another note, you may try PXG 0311P if you’re looking for an iron with a friendlier price tag.

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