Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft Specs: Ultimate Guide

The Ping Alta CB 55 is unarguably one of the best shafts present in the industry.

The shafts are strong, durable, and reliable. These are some of the reasons why they are highly coveted.

The shafts boost impressive specifications, which makes them perform efficiently. If you’re unsure of these specifications, this article is for you.

We’ll discuss the specifications of Ping Alta CB 55 shafts and reveal everything you need to know about them.

Stick around till the end.

About Alta CB 55 Shaft

The CB in Alta CB stands for counterbalance. The Alta CB 55 shaft is a mid-trajectory shaft that is counterbalanced to accommodate the heavier head weight.

If the Alta CB 55 shaft is set down at the address, it changes from copper to black, resulting in a bonus point.

PING further provides the Tour 65 and Tour 75 shafts for golfers who desire a heavier shaft with lower ball flight.

Other models include the HZRDUS Yellow 75, Aldila XTorsion, and Kuro Kage 60.

Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft Specs

The specs of the Alta CB 55 shaft include:

  • Flex == Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff and X-stiff
  • Torque == 5.9° 5.0° 4.9° and 4.2°
  • Weight == 53.0g, 55.0g, 59.0g, 63.0g
  • Angle == High, Mid High, Mid and Low Mid

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Review

Ping alta cb 55 shaft

Undoubtedly, the Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft is one of Ping’s most popular shafts ever.

With dozens of reviews, it’s easy to see how popular it is. Fortunately, the performance speaks for it, which is why many reviews are positive.

Aside from the generally positive reviews, there have been many tests from golfers who pair the Alta CB Shaft against other brands and models from Ping.

The shaft, as expected, comes out top. I’ll link to a test video you can watch below.

It’s important to know that the Ping G425 Driver and its other siblings like the G400, G410, G430, etc., often come with the Alta CB Shaft as the stock shaft.

It may not work well with older models aside from the ones I list here.

You need to also pay attention to the version you get too as it can affect your performance on the course.

You can choose from the Alta CB 55 regular, stiff, and x stiff shafts, depending on your playing profile.

You may want to do a couple of tests or get a fitting to know the most suitable for you. It’s also predominantly available in graphite.

The Alta CB is available for both irons and drivers and is equally available in various colors.

The ones I’ve been able to find are the black and red colors for the Alta CB. Of course, there may be other colors available. I think black is a good color, which I’ve seen many players using.

How Does the CB 55 Compare With Others?

Ping Tour vs Alta Shaft

Are there any differences between the two?

Obviously, the Tour 65 is a close sibling to the Alta 55, so it’s normal to want to know if there are any differences between them. I could guess that you are thinking they aren’t very different. And you’ll be right.

Both have a similar profile, with the Alta 55 being slightly longer.

There is also a small difference in the head (around 1g, maybe).

While the Tour 65 may be more stable, the Alta 55 might give you a slightly higher trajectory. Finally, if you have a high swing speed, the Tour may be more suitable for you and vice versa.

Other Models

There are other models available that are similar to the CB 55 that you can also try out. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Alta cb slate shaft
  • Alta jcb shaft
  • Alta cb awt graphite shaft
  • Ping Alta cb 70 shaft
  • Alta quick 45 shaft

Alta CB 55 Shaft Swing Speed

Ping Alta Cb 55 Shaft Specs

An important factor is your swing speed. It acts as a foundation for you to experiment with different shafts.

If your swing speed ranges between 90-95 mph all over your round, you should choose a regular, slightly stiffer, or stiff flex.

Generally, most golfers opt for stiff shafts for swift swings and a standard flex shaft for slower swings.

Although the Alta CB 55 has an excellent height, it can cause more mis-hits, leading to bad shots. Furthermore, the spin between 3000-3300 is far too high.

Are Alta Golf Shafts Good? Should You Buy the CB?

When Michael Newton
tested the Alta CB shaft against
Aldila, Tensei Orange, and Tour 65
he found that he got maximum dispersion, speed, and distance
from the CB 55 Shaft.

The Alta golf shafts are durable and solid. They offer decent performance compared to most other competitors.

The Alta golf shaft is usually integrated with a whole golf club, like the G400 Driver.

It functions excellently with the various drivers that Ping provides with the entire club, which is why the brand typically continues to sell the Alta golf shaft as a component of the whole golf club.

You will notice that it does an excellent job when using the Alta golf shaft with any golf club.

It counterbalances the weight of a heavy golf head.

It performs admirably as a mid-trajectory golf shaft that produces good results when used with golf heads like the G400 Driver or other heavier drivers.

However, the Alta golf shaft may feel heavier also because it’s built to counterbalance the weight of heavier golf heads.
Given that the Alta golf shaft is designed to counterbalance the weight of a heavy golf head, it may also be heavier.

Who Makes Alta Golf Shafts?

The manufacturer of a golf shaft is always a significant point to note before patronizing it.

It’s worth knowing a reputable brand produces the shafts with a good track record.

The Alta Golf shafts come from Ping, a top-rated company that produces golf equipment.

However, the Alta Golf Shaft is not manufactured or designed by Ping because the company doesn’t make its golf shafts. Aldila is the company that manufactures the Ping Alta golf shaft.

The brand is a California-based company, Carlsbad, specifically. It’s a known sports equipment company and one of the best golf shaft-producing companies.

Aldila supplies Ping with golf shafts. It’s also responsible for other famous golf shafts globally. This practice is not new in the golf industry.

Generally, numerous well-known brands also obtain supplies of the various components of their proprietary products from other companies.

Where Are PING Shafts Made?

Ping Golf Clubs are developed in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Vietnam and Japan. PING’s main base of operations remains the Karsten Manufacturing factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Phoenix plant manufactures all golf grips, Groove for Gorge wedges, steel shafts, and putters in this location.

Some other components of PINGs, such as titanium wood heads, are produced in China.

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  1. Good info on the alta cb 55 shaft. Got the g430 set . can’t wait for my irons to arrive! went with true temper elevates.

  2. Plenty of errors in this article. You are just making this up? “usually swings left, or snaps hook. “. Really, do you know anything about golf, or are you just reading what other people write online. Hope you got paid .

  3. I bought the G430 SFT with this shaft. Absolutely love it. It is not whippy, and this combo makes the 430 a fairway finder. Interesting comment about the left swing and snap hooks. I did that, but it was me not the club. Please note the SFT is draw biased, and I must say the draws are welcome for a guy who tends to fade drives.

  4. I recently purchased a Ping G430 Max Driver . Regular Flex. Custom Shaft. ALTA CB 55 Black (SR/R/S).
    Can you tell me what (SR/R/S) means? Does this have anything to do with the flex? I find it is more flexible than the Ping G400 Driver which I replaced.

    1. Hi,

      SR is “senior” “regular” flex”. This is flex in driver shafts that are meant for those with slower swing speeds.

      R is “regular flex”. This is in the middle, designed for players with medium swing speeds. As you get better and work on your speed, you also advance in flex.

      S is “stiff flex”. This is more for those who have developed very high swing speed speeds. The stiffer a flex is, the harder it is to hit. So, they are meant for those who have experience.

  5. I bought a G430 Max with an Alta CB regular shaft a few months ago (SS 85mph), and have been wrestling to get it in the fairway ever since. I was fitted at a Golftec in March, but they paid very little attention to the dispersion of the shots, at one point implying that I should sign up for some lessons. My index is 5.3, and I hit everything else pretty straight, but was looking for more distance than my TSR 3. After a month with the driver, trying different hosel settings, I took it to a shop to check the swingweight and shaft length. The SW was D4.5! The shaft was 45-3/4”. Both far beyond the TS3 measurements they took at Golftec my Titleist.

    My sense of things is that someone swinging a regular shaft (I’m 68) should never be sold a D4.5 sw club, and that if I hand a fitter my driver with a 45 inch shaft length, I shouldn’t get back one that’s almost an inch longer. So either Ping is selling the wrong driver to people with swing speeds of 85-95 mph, or the fitters I had at Golftec just didn’t care what they sold me.

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