Newport vs Newport 2: WHICH One Should You BUY?

Welcome, fellow golf enthusiasts, to the battlefield of precision and class.

Today, we dive into the heart of golfing excellence, taking a closer look at two titans of the green – the Scotty Cameron Newport and its sibling in supremacy, the Newport 2.

These iconic putters have graced the golf bags of amateurs and professionals alike, each weaving its unique blend of design, balance, and style into the fabric of golfing history.

So, strap in and brace yourselves, as we embark on this journey of discovery, unraveling the nuances that distinguish these two masterpieces.

It’s not just about choosing a putter, it’s about enhancing our game, elevating our experience, and truly embracing the art of golf. 

Newport vs Newport 2: WHICH One Should You BUY?

Newport vs Newport 2

It’s no doubt that both putters are two of the most popular Scotty Cameron putters. And even so, they are among the most popular models used by golfers.

The Newport is a classic, smaller head designed for players who prefer a more rounded look and feel.

The Newport 2 is longer and features a heel/toe weighted head with sharper angles for better control over the ball.

Both putters offer great performance, but the Newport 2 offers an improved view of the ball and increased forgiveness on off-center shots due to its added length.

Newport vs Newport 2: All The Differences

Design: How they Compare

While they may have similar names, these putters have a few key differences.

The first difference is in their overall look. The Newport has a more rounded look, with a classic design that appeals to traditionalists.

The Newport 2, meanwhile, features sharper angles and more of a mechanical feel.

The second difference between the two putters is in their MOI (moment of inertia).

The Newport 2 has a medium MOI compared to the Newport’s low MOI.

This means that the Newport 2 will produce more consistent results because it won’t suffer from as much twisting when struck off-center.

Finally, the head weight of both putters is identical at 355 grams.

This makes them easy to control and helps promote better accuracy on your putting strokes.

Overall, if you prefer a light design with minimal distractions, then the Scotty Cameron Newport is ideal for you.

If you want something that feels slightly heavier and produces more consistent results, then the Newport 2 might be your best option.

Look and Aesthetics

The display quality of Scotty Cameron’s Newport and Newport 2 putters is a key factor in their popularity.

Both putters feature crisp, clean visuals that make it easy to line up your shots and see where the ball is going.

While the Newport has a smaller head design that is perfect for those who prefer fewer distractions, the Newport 2 offers a longer shaft length for added confidence while putting.

While the classic Newport has an aesthetically pleasing design, the newer Newport 2 features a more modern feel with an updated look.

Other minor differences include slightly different weight distributions, which can give you better control over your shots.

Durability and Build Quality

Durability and build quality are two of the most important factors to consider when buying a new golf putter.

Scotty Cameron’s Newport and Newport 2 putters offer excellent quality in both areas.

Both putters have full shafts of offset, conventional plumbers neck, and Pistolini Plus grip.

The materials used are top-notch as well. The Newport is made from 303 stainless steel for maximum durability.

The Newport 2 features a softer carbon steel material that gives a better feel off the face of the clubhead and improved sound on impact which results in more consistent stroke results.

In terms of design, both putters have an aesthetically pleasing look that will stand out on any course.

The classic styling is timeless, especially on the Newport, and it’s sure to make an impression on fellow golfers.

When it comes to performance, it’s hard to choose between them.


In the world of putters, Scotty Cameron’s Newport and Newport 2 are like aristocrats – elite, polished, and yes, not particularly light on the pocket.

The Newport, with its classic design and proven performance, has a price tag that reflects its high-quality craftsmanship.

However, the Newport 2, boasting refined contours and enhanced stability, is positioned at a slightly higher price point.

It’s like choosing between a high-end steak dinner and adding the luxury of vintage wine. Both are exquisite, but the latter will have your wallet feeling a touch lighter.

The price of both are quite similar. But I’ll expect the Newport 2 to be more expensive, due to the newer improvements over its older sibling. So, in terms of budget, there may not be much difference.

Which Is More Portable?

Newport vs Newport 2

The portability differences between the Newport and Newport 2 putters are distinct.

The Newport is a smaller head with curved lines and a slightly smoothed topline radius, while the Newport 2 has straighter edges and a typical “plumber neck” design which gives it a full shaft offset.

So, those looking for more portability may opt for the smaller profile of the original Newport.

User Reviews Comparison

When looking at user reviews, the most important factor will be how both the putters play.

Since the price difference may not be much, it comes down to performance.

Fortunately, both clubs are fairly comparable in terms of accuracy and distance control.

However, some users say that they prefer one over another based on their personal preference in look or feel.

So, if your putting stroke is more straight back and straight through, you’d probably want a more face-balanced putter – like what you get from the Newport 2 as opposed to heel-shafted – like what you get from the original Newport model.

Also, if you are a beginner, you may want to go for the Newport 2.

That’s because it is much bigger with a chance to give you a wider sweet spot, which means more forgiveness and more accurate shots.

Experience golfers can play around with either to find one that fits their profile best.

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