Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft: Which is Better?

When it comes to producing premium golf equipment, Callaway ranks high.

The brand is well-known for developing many fabulous golf balls and has continued to deliver for decades.

The brand collection houses some of the best golf equipment, which is known for its durability and reliability.

They have many major wins under their belts. Speaking of Callaway quality, we’ll mention the Callaway Chrome Soft and ERC Soft golf balls.

In this article, we’ll put these two great golf balls against each other and make a head-to-head comparison.

At the end of the article, you’ll understand how they compare and be able to decide on the better one.

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft: Overview

The Callaway Chrome Soft and ERC soft are two softies in the Callaway golf ball collection.

The latter is a new release from the brand, while the former has been around for numerous years.

The Chrome Soft golf ball combines premium performance and a soft feel. The SoftFast core technology is incorporated into this ball.

This technology is based on two cores: a softer inner and a stiffer outer core.

It also features a polyurethane cover, giving it more durability and stability.

It’s an exceptional tour-level golf ball with a long distance and soft feel. Generally, it’s the brand’s best-performing tour-played offering.

The Callaway ERC Softball is a 3-piece ball designed to be the softest and longest ball in the brand range.

A notable feature of it is the Triple Track Line technology, offering easier alignment.

The ball also comprises a High Energy Core, which provides a higher ball speed and more extended distance. It’s a great golf ball at a reasonable price.

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft: Differences

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft

Both golf balls exhibit notable similarities, but there are numerous differences in their specifications.

Let’s differentiate these two golf balls using the factors follow:


The critical difference between these balls is the construction material.

ERC Soft ball comes in a polybutadiene cover, while the Chrome Soft ball features a urethane cover.

Generally, the urethane cover has better durability than the polybutadiene cover.

However, the polybutadiene cover provides increased swing and ball speed. So, regarding durability, Chrome Soft ball wins it.


Both Callaway golf balls come in the same color: white and yellow. The Chrome Soft ball has the Truvis alignment.

Also, the ERC Soft has the standard Triple Track alignment lines, while this is only an option for Chrome Soft.

The Triple Track helps golfers line up the ball when putting. However, the lines only go halfway around the ball.

Number of Layers

The number of layers is another critical difference between the two balls.

While the Chrome Soft ball has four layers of construction, the ERC Softball has 3 Layers. These layers can make a big difference, so it’s crucial to choose the one that fits your skill.

The three-layer balls are ideal for players of mid handicaps, best for getting a softer feel, and needn’t worry about getting higher spin.

On the other hand, the four-layer balls are suited for players seeking higher ball spin.

Sound and Feel

Concerning the feel, the ERC Soft golf ball will take the award.

It’s the softest golf ball in the Callaway collection, courtesy of its slightly firmer sound from the more Chrome Soft ball premium tour construction.


The two soft golf balls offer similar control levels with a medium spin level when chipping.

However, generally, the Chrome softball is slightly better since it’s the premium tour ball of the brand, offering mid-spin plus quality control.


Both balls offer quite an average compression, but there’s a slight difference. The Chrome Soft golf ball provides around 75, while the ERC Soft golf ball has about 60.


Recall that the Chrome Soft ball uses a polyurethane cover like most other premium tour golf balls.

This material offers excellent durability and control, but it comes with a high price point. The ERC Softball uses the cheaper polybutadiene cover.

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft: Pros and Cons

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft

Pros Of Callaway Chrome Soft Ball

  • Excellent control and feel
  • Great durability and consistency
  • Better consistency

Cons of Callaway Chrome Soft Ball

  • The high spin and soft feel might not be suitable for everybody

Pros Of Callaway ERC Soft Ball

  • Lower spin and softer feel
  • Extra ball speed and alignment assistance
  • High Energy core
  • Good durability and visibility

Cons of Callaway ERC Soft Ball

  • Triple track lines may prove off-putting from the fairway

Callaway ERC Soft vs. Chrome Soft: Which Should You Choose?

These Callaway golf balls have similar quality and performance, and choosing between them might be challenging.

However, they are also different in some specifications, so you must select the one that suits you most.

Generally, the Chrome Soft ball is best for golfers who seek more control but a firmer feel. It provides this extra control at the expense of distance.

On the contrary, the ERC Soft is best for golfers who desire a soft feel or extra distance.

Furthermore, the Chrome Soft is suited for advanced golfers, while the ERC softball is an excellent choice for average golfers and mid-handicappers.

However, if the price is a deciding factor for you, it will be best if you choose the ERC soft golf balls.

None is outright superior, and they both offer good value for money. You’ll need to select the one that matches your skill set and align with your budget.

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